podcast about all things design – from digital to physical. Learn about design methods, processes, trends and its synergy with ever-evolving technology.

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List of Episodes

Episode 10 – On design sprint and marathon

In this episode, we understand design sprint, design thinking and when to use either of them for solving problems.

Episode 9 – A shift in perspective

In this episode, we talk about things that matter the most – inclusive design, social responsibility, unintended consequences, and moral and ethical issues surrounding technology and human lives. Is design thinking our best way forward or do we need to do something else to tackle the big issues?

Episode 8 – Design Facilitation

Facilitation is about guiding your team to understand and solve problems together to achieve a common goal. In this episode, we will learn about design facilitation, why do we need it, and how you can become a good facilitator.

Episode 7 – Cultural influences on design

In this episode, we will be talking about the synergy between culture and design, some good and bad examples around it, what are the different cultural models and what can be a cross-cultural interface design strategy?

Episode 6 – Let’s talk DesignOps

In this episode, we will talk about what is DesignOps, when do you need it, how can you build DesignOps team at your company and where can you learn more about it?

Episode 5 – A design story

In this episode, I’ll be speaking about my design story – what I’ve learned as a designer over eight years, what mistakes I did, how I learned from them and the way my design process and methods have evolved.

Episode 4 – Designing search – present and the future

Let’s talk about designing one of the most basic product – Search. In this episode, we will discuss the fundamentals of search, how designers can define and enhance this experience, how can we measure it and finally what is the future of search.

Episode 3 – On Prototyping

This episode is all about prototyping. We will start with the fundamentals of prototyping along with covering various tools and methods for prototyping apps, websites, hardware, voice and even augmented reality.

Episode 2 – The many facets of data and design

We’ve been dealing with data since a long time. But never it has been so tightly integrated with our lives. We’re in the era of data-driven design. But, is the relationship between data and design limited to analytics or is there more to the story? What about designing data itself? Does it play a more significant role in the design process? And what’s the synergy between design intuition and data?

Episode 1 – The autodidact designer

This introductory episode of Doors and Devices is all about getting started as a designer – How to begin? What to read? How to stay updated?

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