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Function Space was launched on iOS to provide instant access to discussions, articles and science news that are available on the web platform. The app was released after getting regular feedback from our user base to provide “on-the-go” access to content along with easy sharing options.

While the app consumed our private API, it did not provide the complete functionality of the web platform. It was a decision based on user feedback and quantitative data. Users were looking for quick consumption of discussions and science news. Quant data also reflected that discussions, articles, and news were the most frequently accessed sections on the platform. Hence, it was decided to keep the mobile experience limited to these sections.

Following are some key highlights regarding the interface design:

  1. Apple redesigned its interface to “Flat UI” in iOS 7. The app was accordingly designed with flat icons and focus on colors and typography.
  2. We conducted a few sessions to test legibility and readability for understanding typographic clarity. Six different typefaces were used and based on user feedback we decided to license Hoefler Text for our app.
  3. All interactions patterns were defined in accordance with the Human Interface Guideline.


I'm an interaction designer by profession with some hands-on experience in development, entrepreneurship, and publishing research papers. ;) When not in office, there's a 37.5% probability of finding me in a local bookstore.

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